About Us


*TG Sinai is a lapidary shop and company located in Cairo, Egypt. Established in 1997 by Hamed Mohamed. * Specializes in cutting turquoise cabochons *The owner Ahmed Hamed is a 2nd generation lapidary with over 23 years of cutting experience *One of the owners of sinai mine and we own 2 mines in South Sinai, Egypt , one name is prince turquoise and second toor mine. *Weekly sales on Instagram@tgsinai. *Ahmed built a marvelous Trading Post for industry and export since 2010 which name now ( TG Sinai Company for industry and export). TG Sinai Company has grown in time and has become one of the most historic and beautiful Trading Posts in Egypt. TG Sinai Turquoise has access to the finest turquoise anywhere in the world. We carry rough turquoise from various sinai mines in Egypt,hand cut . We make all turquoise products by clever men and special work. We have manufacture for turquoise stones. As well make turquoise jewelry by order. We are happy and proud to say that Egyptian Turquoise was used by Egyptian Pharaohs, healers, worn Kings,Rulers and important people from that early period in world history. Egyptian turquoise was first found in Egypt well over 7000 years ago.